I googled exploretrip.com to find every travel review website I could. I created accounts and posted my story 5 times before getting bored of it and deciding to go back to it later. I haven’t since.

One site emailed me with the following:

Many thanks for your contribution to Review Centre!

As a consumer review website we encourage people to express their opinions (both positive and negative!) of the experience that they have had, but we must also take into consideration any concerns of businesses affected by these reviews.

I have received contact from a representative of Explore Trip www.exploretrip.com regarding reviews published on Review Centre. I have included a copy of the review you have written for your reference – (included below).

They have expressed their concerns regarding the review content and so we have temporarily removed your review from www.reviewcentre.com while we ask you to confirm your position on the matter.

Please let us know which one of the following options you would like to take by 06/10/2010

  1. You would like the review to stay on Review Centre in its original form.
  2. You would like to write the review differently on reflection as some of the information is now not relevant.
  3. You are happy for the review to be deleted as the matter has been resolved.

If you wish to stand by your original review (or an edited version), we ask that you provide your contact details for our records (full name, address. telephone number, plus any evidence to authenticate your review).
Information collected is to validate the authenticity of your review and will not be passed to anyone without your expressed permission.

Please be aware that representatives of Explore Trip www.exploretrip.com may at some point in the future choose to take the matter further.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Thanks again!

Your Review

Explore trip really screwed me. They booked me a flight from Atlanta to Beijing, and didn’t bother telling me they were two separate itineraries. Least of all, I had to pay $60 to check my bags because one itinerary was only a domestic flight. The real disaster came because my flight from New York to Beijing took off only 2 hours after my flight from Atlanta to New York landed, so it was impossible for me to get my bags, walk to another terminal, and check-in in time. I was stranded in New York, and they were no help over the phone. I ended up having to pay nearly $800 for another flight, after they claimed they couldn’t find one at all! They have no idea what they are doing over there, and they will not claim responsibility.

And, of course, I have evidence. I have my idiotic flight itinerary in an email directly from exploretrip.com exploretrip.com exploretrip.com, and boarding passes from all my flights with my name and dates on them to show that I had to purchase an alternate flight.

I was largely demotivated from pursuing it any further. I don’t need to spend tons of time creating accounts at travel review sites that come up on the 5th page of Google hits. Fewer people see them, and it probably doesn’t have much impact. But then I got this comment on the post describing the whole ordeal. It comes from an email address I do not recognize:

I wonder you are safe even after having such a hateful journey. We have a saying, “What ever happens – Good or Bad, It happens for Good”. But your over all trip sounds very adventurous to me. I did booked my travel twice in this year with exploretrip.com and everything turned out to be positive with better fares, close to $100 plus difference and thats what i was looking for.
Anyhow, exceptions in certain cases like you will be always there, we should take it a a leraning.

Good Luck next time.

John M

First he’s a sage,  strikin’ me down with his proverbial wisdom gangsta style. I think Tupac once said this: “What ever happens – Good or Bad, It happens for Good”.

Next, eh, the entire thing was no big deal. It was even kind of FUN, like I’m in an Indiana Jones movie: But your over all trip sounds very adventurous to me.

Then, just shamefully hawkish: I did booked my travel twice in this year with exploretrip.com and everything turned out to be positive with better… yada yada yada, you read it already.

Where did this guy and his broken English come from, and how did he find my blog? Well, luckily, WordPress furnishes IP addresses for all posted comments. Its remarkably easy to take the IP address and copy/paste it to a site like InfoSniper, and find out this guy is in Hyderabad, India.

Now, while the company is based in San Mateo, CA (location) the two representatives I’ve spoken to there had thick Indian accents. Let’s all try to put two and two together, folks.

What’s really fun to learn is that this guy probably found this blog by googling exploretrip.com exploretrip.com exploretrip.com, which means other people can find it too, renewing my curbing enthusiasm for posting my story to help other people avoid the same disaster and exorbitant additional expense. But I don’t want to ruin my blog continuing to complain about it, so unless something really stupefying happens, you won’t have to hear about this nonsense again.

Do NOT buy tickets from this website, more suitably named ExploreAirport.com.


3 Responses to “Update from EXPLORETRIP.COM”

  1. Hanna Says:

    Holy crap! Seeing as work is a bit slow I decided to dig into Exploretrip a bit. Every review site that has a negative post has a broken english retort. That company is pulling some dirty politics. Keep fighting the man Sean!

  2. Christine Says:

    I had to cancel my ticket because I was severely ill, too ill to travel. They initially said they’d issue me my refund but charge me $250 fee. Then I told them I have a legitimate excuse and to waive the fee, of which they said would be fine as long as I sent them a doctor’s certificate within 24 hours of my departure. I did just that even though I was barely able to move. I got no confirmation of my refund. Now they say they need to contact the airline and there’s uncertainty. I don’t get it! I went out of my way and did my part, they were so quick to charge my card. But now when it comes to customer service, they’re slow to act and respond especially after I’ve submitted all the necessary documents including my prescription and diagnosis reports. I’ve been waiting for two weeks. They can take 4-8 weeks to process but at least give me a confirmation. I have emails that prove how disorganized they are with all their verbal and written promises – complete BS. I’m going to file just about everything under the sun if they don’t give me an answer I deserve. It will cost them more to fight me than just issue my refund. NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH EXPLORETRIP!!! I wish I read these reviews sooner. They’re directly liable for their misuse of my time and money.

  3. barker123 Says:

    Hi there thanks alot for the update from exploretrip.com…….

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